Lybriderm with hyaluronic acid – face cream

A woman’s desire to prolong her youth and beauty only intensifies every day when noticeable age-related changes are noted in the mirror. Complete facial skin care includes the use of day and night creams. And if the first option should have a light moisturizing texture, which is ideal for application under makeup, then for night care they choose a denser product with a good nourishing effect. As you know, active components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid have a pronounced tightening effect. Anti-aging night creams from the Libriderm brand were created on the basis of these substances. A young Russian company creates skincare cosmetics for various age groups, successfully combining modern technologies and affordable pricing. A distinctive feature of the brand is the use of innovative targeted formulas to solve specific skin problems.

Types of night creams from Libriderm with hyaluronic acid for facial skin

Librederm offers several skin care lines. Which one to choose depends on your skin type, level of moisture balance, and age. All this is indicated on the packaging, or you can study the composition of the product you choose.

Hyaluronic “Night hydrobalance”

The protective functions of the skin are weakened when the natural water-lipid balance of the epidermis is disrupted. Night cream based on hyaluronic acid normalizes the barrier layer of the skin, thus restoring vital processes in tissue cells. The line also includes Librederm day cream with hyaluronic acid.

The product also contains glutamic acid and argon oil, the action of which is aimed at intensive rejuvenation of mature skin.

Active components:

  • urea – prevents the evaporation of moisture, normalizes the water balance of the skin;
  • shea butter – intensively moisturizes and nourishes, smoothes out deep age wrinkles;
  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – affects the deepest layers of the dermis, retains moisture in skin cells;
  • tocopherol – acts as a powerful antioxidant, stops premature photoaging processes.

You can find out about other urea creams here.

Night "Hyaluronic 3D filler"

If previously newfangled expensive “beauty injections” were available only to a select few, today to prolong youth it is not necessary to undergo painful rejuvenation procedures. It is enough to use night filler from Libriderm, created on the basis of the same hyaluronic acid. You can choose the most effective anti-wrinkle cream in the article.

Its main property is the effective hydration of dehydrated dermal cells due to moisture retention in the deepest layers of the epidermis.

The nutritional effect is achieved due to the almond oil included in the composition, and vitamin E and wheat germ oil act as strong antioxidants.

Active components:

  • high molecular weight hyaluronic acid - penetrates deep into the dermis, providing cells with long-term hydration;
  • medium molecular hyaluronic acid – responsible for the process of regeneration of the epidermis;
  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – activates the production of elastin, restores skin turgor;
  • Shea butter, almond and wheat germ oils – have an intense softening and soothing effect;
  • Vitamin E – fights free radicals, helps eliminate dryness and flaking.

Who is Seracin cream suitable for?

Those with oily and combination skin (with problem areas in the T-zone) are recommended to use special care. The products should reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, not clog them, or overdry them.

Mattifying cream from Librederm is recommended for use if you are faced with the following problems:

  • inflammation, frequent redness;
  • oily face;
  • skin looks weakened;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • black dots;
  • tendency to inflammation.

Interesting! Librederm offers a line for the care of oily and oily skin. At the pharmacy you can purchase the following products: mattifying day care, cream-active, granular scrub, sebum-regulating mask, washing gel, lotion.

Seracin cream is recommended to be used daily before applying makeup. It will provide a matte and velvety appearance, the complexion will become smoother, and the skin will be cleaner. Also use the product if you have problem skin where acne appears periodically.

You can purchase 50 ml of Seracin at a pharmacy or on the official Librederm website for 400-500 rubles. Not recommended for use by girls under 20 years of age. The product is not a medicine.

Contains hyaluronic acid

With age, skin cells begin to experience an acute lack of life-giving moisture, which prevents the formation of the first signs of aging. Prolonged dehydration of the epithelium leads to negative consequences, as a result of which the skin loses its firmness and elasticity with a vengeance. This is very important for face creams after 45, in order to rejuvenate and refresh the face as much as possible.

However, the appearance of facial wrinkles is not limited to mature skin. Premature signs of fading can appear even in young girls who least expect to see hated wrinkles in the reflection. The consequence of such early aging is both an unhealthy lifestyle and a harmful environment filled with various toxic substances.

As a result of dehydration, the hydrolipid balance of the skin is disrupted, and its protective functions are weakened. Hyaluronic acid in this case is a real elixir of youth. This natural magnet attracts moisture from the outside, delivering it to the deepest layers of the epidermis. Find out about hyaluronic tonics in this material.

The effect of hyaluronic acid is significantly reduced during the heating season, when the air becomes dry under the influence of hot radiators. In some cases, the component has the opposite effect - painful peeling and an uncomfortable feeling of tightness appear.

Nutrition and recovery: Serum with anti-relapse effect

The serum is designed to restore dry skin as a result of acne treatment. An innovative patented development based on polysaccharides restores PH levels, increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, eliminates flaking and tightness.

The active components of red seaweed Chondrus Crispus, zinc and sulfur, in Libriderm, allow the drug to be used during relapse and as an addition to the main treatment.

Other components have no less beneficial effects: soothe, eliminate irritation and itching. Centella asiatica stem cells stimulate collagen production. A specific protein strengthens the walls of blood vessels, so redness disappears and the risk of rosacea decreases.

The light texture of the serum is easily distributed over the face and is completely absorbed, leaving a feeling of hydration after use. Suitable for sensitive skin with irritation. The serum is applied to dry, cleansed skin 2 times a day. It is used as an independent remedy and in combination with other medicinal drugs. Price in pharmacies from 380 rubles.

Indications for use for young skin and older age

In addition to the fact that hyaluronic acid acts as a powerful anti-aging component, it also helps restore the integrity of the skin. Thanks to the regenerating effect, the surface layer is intensively renewed, the stratum corneum is eliminated and the skin texture is evened out.

This component is indicated for owners of any type of skin, starting from the age of 25. Also, products based on hyaluronic acid are suitable for people with problem skin with signs of post-acne. The exfoliating effect of the component has a beneficial effect on the elimination of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Types of night creams from Libriderm with collagen

The anti-aging series of products with collagen was developed specifically to eliminate more serious, deep expression and static wrinkles. The main task of such creams is to increase skin turgor and maximize the lifting effect aimed at eliminating deep signs of aging. You can find out how cream lifting works here.

Bio-reinforcing anti-aging face cream

The cream contains a concentrate of Undria Pinnatifida algae.

Action of ingredients:

  • Undria Pinnatifida algae concentrate – is based on cells that act at the gene level due to an adaptive rejuvenating effect;
  • bio-reinforcing complex – restores collagen-elastin fibers, resulting in a pronounced lifting effect;
  • lipid concentrate – helps normalize metabolic processes, stabilizes the hydrolipid balance of the skin.

Anti-aging cream Librederm Collagen

Designed for intensive night care for mature and aging facial skin. Urea, collagen, shea butter and sweet almond - all the active components of the product are aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles, smoothing the skin texture and giving the face a rested look.

Action of ingredients:

  • collagen-elastin complex – eliminates dry skin, increases its tone and tightens the oval of the face;
  • a unique biomimetic molecule – activates collagen synthesis, helps smooth out even very deep age-related changes;
  • shea butter and sweet almond – intensively nourish, soften, promote healing of small wounds and cracks.

Collagen protein is the main active substance in tissues, thanks to which the skin retains its youth and attractive appearance for as long as possible. As we age, protein production slows down, leading to the appearance of deep wrinkles. The line also provides Librederm day cream with collagen for comprehensive care.

In combination with elastin, collagen forms strong, stable fibers in the structure of the epidermis that maintain the turgor of mature skin in a normal state.

Main advantages of the component:

  • restores the structure of collagen fibers and prevents their destruction;
  • activates elastin production;
  • fights very deep age-related changes, tightens the oval of the face.

Skin smoothing: CC cream from Librederm

For oily, acne-prone skin, it is recommended to use special medicated cosmetics.

Concealing cosmetics are designed to effectively hide the imperfections of oily skin, but without clogging the sebaceous glands. CC cream from the Libriderm company belongs to a new direction in cosmetics, masks imperfections, corrects sebum secretion, moisturizes the skin, and reduces redness.

In addition to zinc and sulfur, which are present in all products in this series, they contain a balanced complex of substances that have an antiseptic effect. The shelf life of a hermetically sealed product is 24 months, and of an opened tube - six months. Price in pharmacies from 311 rubles.

CC cream Lybriderm adapts to skin tone, so it is offered in one universal color. The scent of citrus and herbs disappears completely after applying the product. The light texture spreads well over the skin, evens out the tone, but does not perfectly mask.

After applying the cosmetics, you feel a pleasant comfort, there is no feeling of tightness, and the oily sheen disappears by 90%. The product stays on the face all day, does not run down, does not shine. The light texture of the cream allows the skin to look natural and does not clog pores. Wash off with regular micellar water.

User reviews are mixed: the product evens out, mattifies, looks natural, but does not cover redness on light skin; girls with dark pigment are happy with the product.

Indications for use

Collagen-based anti-aging creams are indicated for women over 35 years of age. Face creams after 35 are suitable for any skin type and have a pronounced softening, soothing and nourishing effect. In some cases, collagen cosmetic products are allowed to be used by young girls after 25 years of age, when a rapid loss of skin elasticity is observed.


  1. Unlike light daytime fluid creams, products for evening use should have a more rich, nourishing texture.
  2. Librederm products based on hyaluronic acid and collagen have a pronounced rejuvenating effect.
  3. The main task of hyaluronic acid is to maintain the natural water-lipid balance of the skin by deeply moisturizing the dermis.
  4. Use this component with extreme caution in the autumn-winter period so that the acid does not provoke the opposite effect of cell dehydration.
  5. Night creams with collagen will become indispensable assistants in the fight against serious deep wrinkles and creases.
  6. Remember that it is necessary to nourish mature skin both from the outside and from the inside. For this purpose, special liquid collagen is used for oral administration, which is drunk in accordance with the instructions provided.

My hyaluronic excellent ones from Librederm

Hi all! Yesterday I talked about the wonderful shampoo with panthenol from the Libriderm brand, and today I would like to tell you about my favorites from the hyaluronic series for the face from the same brand.

About my facial skin
: combination type: oily T-zone and normal cheeks, problematic, has rashes and blackheads, enlarged pores, post-acne,
dehydrated due to improper care.
Not sensitive. However, at the time of testing the serum and foam, skin sensitivity was increased, because... I used a pharmacy product to treat acne.

Hyaluronic foam cleanser Librederm

The foam is in a white plastic tube. Initially there was a transparent lid, which I lost on the first day I started using the foam. This did not spoil the foam. The dispenser works properly, it has never jammed on me. It presses smoothly; there is no need to apply any special effort. Two full presses on the dispenser are enough for me to get a portion of foam for washing my face and neck.

The foam is light and airy. It smells nice, a bit like men's shower gel, but the smell is not as strong. Ingredients
Demineralized water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium sarcosinate, decyl glucoside, hydroxyethyl urea, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, guar hydroxypropyl trimethylammonium chloride, TEA cocoyl glutamate, sodium PCA solution, starch hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid, perfume composition, Trilon B, methylchloro isothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone , lemon acid. My opinion
: I started using this foam when the sensitivity of my skin increased somewhat; it was during this period that I washed my face with foam 2 times: in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, this foam perfectly refreshed my skin, while effectively removing sebum that had been released overnight. And in the evening, the foam perfectly cleansed my face of makeup remnants (before that, I naturally washed off my makeup with micellar water), preparing the skin for evening care. And not once after washing with this foam did my skin feel tight, not once did I experience discomfort. When the sensitivity returned to normal, I began to use the foam only in the morning, but even then, I periodically use it in the evening.


: 5;
: 280 rub.;
Testing period
: about 1.5 months. daily.

Hyaluronic water with blue algae extract Librederm

A huge plus of the hyaluronic water packaging is that it has a double lid. Those. You can safely carry this water in your purse. Although the probability of opening the top cap is extremely small, because... It “sits” tightly and you will need to make a little effort to remove it. The water itself is colorless and odorless. The spray bottle sprays it over a distance of about 50 cm. But I read in some sources that the water has a light floral aroma, but I don’t feel it at all. Ingredients
Demineralized water, Lanablu blue algae extract, oat beta-glucan, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone. My opinion:
when creating mineral makeup, Librederm hyaluronic water has become simply irreplaceable! This phrase may seem strange to some, but those who use mineral cosmetics may have noticed that minerals look best when the humidity indoors or outdoors is slightly increased. If not, then watch. I’m not the only one who notices this) Therefore, first of all, I spray this water on my face a couple of minutes after applying the mineral foundation, so that the minerals quickly adhere to the skin and the whole thing looks a little better. Secondly, I simply use this water throughout the day to refresh my face. And thirdly, sometimes I spray hyaluronic water on my face immediately after applying a moisturizing/nourishing cream to enhance the effect of it and to help it penetrate the skin better.


: 5;
: 210 rub.;
Testing period
: 2 months.

Hyaluronic moisturizing activator serum for face and eye area Librederm

Librederm Hyaluronic Activator Serum is my first serum. I hadn’t used them before and, to be honest, I didn’t quite understand why they were needed. When I tried this serum for the first time, I didn’t like it, but now I can’t imagine how I could do without it! The serum tube is plastic, translucent blue. The lid opens and closes easily with a characteristic click. There is a pump and it works almost properly. Once it stuck on me and “didn’t want to give up” the product, but this problem was quickly resolved, I just quickly pressed the pump several times in a row. The consistency is gel-like and spreads well over the face and neck. The texture is light and watery. White color. There is a smell, but it is not noticeable on the skin. Absorbs quickly.


My opinion:
the hyaluronic serum from Librederm replaced as many as 4 products for me, namely:

1. Like serum.

The beginning of using the serum coincided with the beginning of using a pharmaceutical gel for the treatment of acne. And, not surprisingly, I had some slight flaking all over my face. They were mainly located in the eye and lip areas (where the gel was not applied). I also noticed increased skin sensitivity, which has never happened before. I applied the serum only during the day, under moisturizer. Immediately after applying the serum, I felt stickiness, and very clearly. After applying the cream it disappeared. I didn’t like this, although I knew that many serums leave a sticky feeling and this should not be considered a disadvantage. But nevertheless, it caused me some discomfort. However, I note that in the duet with the cream I received 2 times more hydration than usual.

2. As a remedy for peeling.

Partially hides peeling.
And (!)attention(!)
gets rid of them! It was a shock for me when, on the 4th day of using the serum, I noticed that the peeling around the eyes disappeared, and after a couple of days around the lips. Then I stopped using the serum and after about a week the peeling appeared again. I tried to get rid of them with the help of oils and creams. And only when I started using hyaluronic serum again did the peeling disappear. So I can say with 100% confidence that it was this serum that helped me get rid of peeling! But the feeling of stickiness was still present.

3. As a moisturizer.

Then summer came and the hydration from the serum alone became completely enough for me, i.e. The serum replaced my moisturizer for the day. And, the strangest thing is, I stopped feeling sticky! But then I realized that because... I removed the day cream from my care (which, by the way, I also applied to my neck), I began to apply the usual portion of the serum (i.e., one full press on the pump) to my neck. And the stickiness disappeared. In short, the sticky feeling was only due to the fact that I applied a lot of product to my face. So if you are also tormented by stickiness, then simply reduce the amount of product and it will delight you to the fullest)).

4. As a base for makeup.

Another advantage of hyaluronic serum is that it perfectly copes with the functions of a makeup base, incl. mineral. Minerals tend to dry out the skin a little, but the serum does not do this. Both mineral cosmetics, liquid foundation, and concealer apply perfectly to the serum. And the best part is that the durability of your makeup has improved! By evening, the tone on your face looks very decent! Which is nonsense to me, because... I have oily skin and usually by the evening I wonder what’s going on on my face.

The serum did not cause breakouts, did not clog pores, and suited my temporarily sensitive skin well. I ran out of it after 4 months of regular use, which indicates its efficiency.


: 5 +++++++;
: about 400 rubles;
Testing period
: 4 months. At the moment I am “hunting” for this serum in pharmacies and they are quickly selling out, because... I can no longer live without her. This is my must-have!

Thank you for reading my post to the end. I hope I was useful to you!


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