Hardware lymphatic drainage massage

The method is also called pulse barotherapy, press drainage, pneumomassage, barocompression, pneumatic drainage. In any case, we are talking about one procedure. In cosmetology, its main task is to reduce body volume by freeing the intercellular space from stagnant water and stimulating normal lymph flow. The effect is so mild that neither the skin nor the subcutaneous tissue is damaged: there are no bruises or microcracks. At the same time, the treatment of pathologically altered adipose tissue is deep.

Compared to conventional manual anti-cellulite massage, pressotherapy is not only painless, gentle, but also a complete relaxing procedure. During the operation of the press equipment, the body relaxes and the sensations are incredibly pleasant. In terms of effectiveness, barodrainage is superior to manual “squeezing” massage.

How it works

The essence of the effect is mechanical rhythmic compression of certain areas of the body. As a rule, these are the legs and abdomen: it is here that the consequences of stagnation of blood and lymph give the most obvious negative effect. However, you can also work on the arm area.

You can answer the question, what is pressotherapy, by accurately imagining the principle of operation of the pressosuit. It is divided into small segments (about 15 cm), into which air is sequentially pumped. The impact goes from the periphery to starts from the feet, within 1-2 minutes it reaches the abdomen. Lymphatic drainage of the arms begins with the hands and ends in the shoulder area.

At each position, the pressure is fixed for several seconds, then the segment is deflated, and air is pumped into the next cells. The devices allow you to select individual compression strength to achieve absolute comfort. Even with strong compression there is no pain.

The force of compressed air acts on the subcutaneous tissue, breaking up the fat layer and removing excess water. Simultaneously with the lymphatic system, muscles and internal organs are worked out. So, after a session, the desire to empty the bladder is natural; it indicates that the procedure was carried out correctly.

In addition, rhythmic compression-relaxation stimulates the circulatory system, improving blood supply to the peripheral areas of the body and areas affected by cellulite. During the procedure, the speed of metabolic processes increases, which makes hardware lymphatic drainage useful for the overall health of the body.

Contraindications for abdominal massage

Abdominal massage is NOT performed:

- for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system,

- for skin inflammations on the abdomen,

- during menstruation,

- on a full stomach,

- during pregnancy.

Preparing for a belly massage at home

First you need to rinse yourself under a warm, even hot (but everything in moderation, without fanaticism) shower to open the pores. Then rub the skin of the abdomen clockwise using a massage brush/glove or a regular dry terry towel until slightly red.

how to remove belly fat with massage

Types of abdominal massage for weight loss

You can remove a small belly using a regular manual massage (without improvised means or materials).

Abdominal massage for weight loss can be done while standing, while the abdominal muscles should be tense.

Apply massage oil to your hands and begin stroking and rubbing your tummy with your palms (again, following a clockwise direction), gradually increasing the intensity. But this should be rubbing, and not pressing on the abdomen (otherwise the internal organs will rebel).

After rubbing, proceed to pinching the skin of the belly.

After pinching, rub your stomach in a circle using your knuckles.

Then grab the skin between the thumb and forefinger of both hands and knead in different directions.

Replace kneading the skin of the abdomen with stroking, first intense, then light, soothing.

Abdominal massage should be carried out clockwise, since this is the direction in which food moves through the intestines after eating.

You can get rid of the belly with cupping massage.

Cupping massage of the abdomen is an effective remedy for combating extra centimeters in this area. Jars are purchased at a pharmacy and can be glass or silicone.

Be sure to apply massage oil to your stomach, place the jar on it and move it in a circle. Periodically, the jar should be slightly moved away from the stomach, as if sucking the skin with it.

Why is pressotherapy needed?

The pressotherapy method was originally created for the treatment of edema, varicose veins, and recovery after periods of forced immobility (trauma, surgery). However, doctors and patients could not help but be interested in the obvious positive effects on the skin and fatty tissue. It is this effect that is used today to combat cellulite at all stages of the pathological process.

The effectiveness of the procedure is so high that after the second session women see the result: a clear reduction in body volume in the area of ​​influence. In some women, by this time, due to the removal of persistent swelling of the fat cell, the volume of the hips and abdomen decreases by 1.5-2 centimeters. The skin becomes elastic, acquires a healthy pink color, and the pallor and cyanosis characteristic of stages 3-4 of cellulite disappear.

Barocompression is very effective for treating early forms of obesity. The combination of pressotherapy with hot or cold wraps and a moderate diet is especially good for reducing weight and reducing body volume. Normalization of metabolic rate plus the removal of toxins through the lymph quickly puts the figure in order, while at the same time healing the body.

Impact on the body

The device for compression massage is universal and can be useful for all family members.

Pressure changes during the massage process have a positive effect on the tissues of the limbs:

  • relieve muscle spasms;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • increase lymph outflow;
  • eliminate swelling;
  • increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

The massage procedure leads to pleasant muscle relaxation and serves to prevent varicose veins. Air-compression pressotherapy has a therapeutic effect in a number of areas:

  • cleansing blood vessels and tissues from metabolic products;
  • restoration of muscle performance - removal of clamps;
  • ensuring optimal water-salt balance, getting rid of fluid stagnation;
  • strengthening immunity:
  • removal of excess salts.

On a note! Physiotherapeutic action using a massager is an effective way to relieve fatigue, pain in the legs after physical activity, and prevent diseases of the lower extremities.

Results of the procedure

What results can you expect from a simple, pleasant procedure? Women are accustomed to the fact that beauty requires not only sacrifice, but also patience. Especially when it comes to a problem such as severe cellulite. Pressotherapy is a pleasant exception to the general rules, because it is highly effective and at the same time gives bodily pleasure.

Moreover, barocompression is used to solve other, equally important problems. For example, the procedure gives athletes muscle relaxation. Bedridden patients or people whose physical activity is limited for various reasons, with the help of lymphatic drainage massage, it is possible to maintain the muscular system in tone.

The result of the procedure is general improvement and cleansing of the lymphatic system.

  • Unhealthy swelling goes away.
  • Toxins are removed.
  • The intercellular fluid is cleared.
  • Water balance is restored.
  • The functioning of the intestines and digestive system is normalized.

It is simply impossible to achieve such a result with manual massage, which is why the procedure is one of the most popular and in demand among women of all ages. If you complete a full course of lymphatic drainage hardware massage, a comprehensive result is guaranteed.

  • The fat layer will decrease by 5-8 cm.
  • The skin will become elastic, elastic, the tubercles of subcutaneous fat (“orange peel”) will smooth out and disappear.
  • The immune system will be strengthened.
  • The problem of persistent constipation will disappear, the intestines will begin to work like clockwork.
  • The vascular walls will be strengthened and their tone will increase.
  • Your mood will improve, and the feeling of chronic fatigue, lethargy, and weakness will go away.
  • Muscle spasms and muscle pain will no longer bother you.

In addition, press drainage is prescribed for medical reasons to prevent blood clots and varicose veins.

Abdominal massage - how to melt fat and see six-pack abs

There are usually two problem areas on our body - the buttocks and thighs, and the stomach. These are the places whose appearance causes a lot of suffering for most of us. Everyone more or less knows how to massage the buttocks, but with the stomach it is more difficult. This is worth talking about because it is a very effective procedure. What is her secret? The fact is that during a massage, lymph flow in the skin improves, and this helps burn subcutaneous fat.

There are different types of self-massage of the abdomen. These include massage cups, honey massage, and pinch massage. You can also use massage rollers or massage under the shower using a stream of water. There are many options to remove belly fat.

We do the massage ourselves

Doing a manual abdominal massage is not that difficult. In the end, all techniques come down to kneading fat folds. But there are some nuances here. It is better to massage your stomach in the morning and evening, and always either two hours before meals or two hours after. You can do the massage either lying down or standing, whichever is more convenient.

So, massage in a lying position. We apply massage oil to the stomach, it is better if it has a drainage effect. We lie on our backs, turning on our favorite series on TV. We bend our legs at the knees, it is better to tense our abs, because pressure will be put on the stomach. We perform all movements clockwise. First, lightly stroke the stomach in a circular motion to warm up the fat. Then we begin to actively knead the stomach. First in the navel area, then make wider circles. Now let's move on to the main part - grab the fold of skin with your fingers and begin to pinch the stomach. The folds of the skin can also be rolled over, “saved” with the edge of the palm, in other words, the most unbearable conditions can be created for the fat. If you wait 15 minutes, great. When performing a pinch massage of the abdomen, you should feel a little pain, otherwise the procedure will be ineffective, but you shouldn’t bring yourself to bruises either. Finally, stroke and relax the skin with your palms. According to online reviews, this massage is second only to liposuction. The result is visible on average after a week with daily use.

Another option is a honey belly massage. The procedure is unpleasant, but also effective. Honey is applied to dry (this is important!) skin of the abdomen. The point of the massage is to stick and tear the palms off the body. When massaged, honey turns into grayish-dirty flakes. Some firmly believe that it is waste that leaves the body, but I believe that it is just honey that reacts with skin secretions. Although it’s more pleasant to believe in the slag theory. When performing a chalk massage, a vacuum effect is created and the fat is removed. It is better to do this massage every other day. With this regimen, the result will be visible within a couple of weeks.

To bring the skin of the abdomen back to normal and remove excess fat deposits, vacuum cups will help - they are sold in pharmacies. Massage oil is applied to the stomach, again preferably with an anti-cellulite effect, and then the cups are sucked on. They need to draw patterns on the stomach - zigzags and spirals. It will hurt, but you can endure it for the sake of beauty. 5-7 minutes of cupping massage will be enough to achieve the effect. It is better to carry out the procedure every other day to give the body a chance to rest from the load.

Regularity is the key to success

All of the above methods are effective when used regularly. This massage can be performed by both men and women. Contraindications also exist - if you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, consult your doctor before a massage. You cannot do this massage during pregnancy, as well as during menstrual periods.

I tested the effectiveness of honey massage on my own fifth point. It really works! I think since it has significantly reduced cellulite, it will be even easier to deal with belly fat with its help. For the abdomen, I want to try the pinch method, it’s extremely praised online. The main thing, dear ladies, remember that in addition to massage, you also need to improve your nutrition and exercise, at least at home. Then you will see the result for sure.

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Pressotherapy equipment

The following press equipment is used in cosmetology:

  • air pants;
  • pneumatic jacket;
  • air boots;
  • full body suit with separate removable parts for legs (including feet), abdomen, arms.

Some types of devices have combined programs: lymphatic drainage plus deep infrared heating of problem areas of the body. This effect is used to save time by combining two different procedures: pressotherapy and thermal procedures (infrared sauna, thermal blanket).

You can learn more about the method of pneumatic drainage massage and other technologies developed to improve the health of the body and improve the aesthetics of the body at a consultation with a cosmetologist at the Soho Clinic (Moscow).

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